Disinfecting Services in Austin, TX

Ensure a safer, healthier environment with our expert disinfecting services at Austin, TX. Specializing in comprehensive sanitization, we restore peace of mind in homes and businesses.

Disinfecting Services in Austin

Keep Your Home or Business Disease-Free with Professional Property Disinfection services at Austin, TX

Big Guys Restoration is a highly-trained team of specialists based in Austin, TX who can help you with the difficult task of disinfecting your home or business. Disinfecting is an extremely important task that should be taken seriously, and that's why we recommend taking no chances and leaving the job to a professional. That's why our team based in Austin, TX always uses the latest tools, the right safety equipment, and modern technology to ensure that your home is not only completely clean, but stays clean when we're done as well.

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Our Cleaning Methods

Here at Big Guys Restoration, we understand that bacteria and viruses can stay for quite a while, even after it appears as though they have disappeared. We're extremely thorough in our methods, and we attack the areas that you may not have thought about. We focus our efforts on fabrics like upholstery, carpeting, and window treatments to ensure that your home is really as clean as it can be. When a virus or bacteria can hide, we make sure to seek them out and eliminate them for good. We also offer cleaning for some of the more hidden areas of your home as well, including in places you may not have thought about, or places where standard cleaning simply doesn't get the job done.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We understand that your business may be strongly at risk as a result of a virus or bacteria spread, including from COVID-19. When you need the utmost assurance that everything in your facility is clean and virus-free, we are the name you should turn to. Our crew has aided businesses of all shapes and sizes, and from a wide variety of industries, and we know how to handle the unique and critical challenges you're facing with your industry.

We offer cleaning for all of the following:

  • Office spaces
  • Commercial facilities
  • Gyms & health clubs
  • Libraries & municipal offices
  • Nursing homes & assisted living centers
  • Schools & universities
  • Warehouses & storage facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare offices

As a business owner, you know about the value of being proactive. Getting out in front of the market to be the first on a trend, fixing a small problem before it becomes a serious issue, and even keeping your employees happy and healthy all the time can have significantly positive effects for your business, and sanitation and bacteria control can do exactly the same thing. This is why you should also consider a disinfecting service as a preventative measure, ensuring that everything around your office is truly clean and that you can keep it that way. We serve the Austin, TX area.

Protex90® Barrier

Our crew is proud to utilize the Protex90®surface barrier product—a shield and defense you have against bacteria and other microbes that can infect porous surfaces around your home or business. Once this product dries, it forms a long-lasting barrier against microbial growth, viral spread, and even mold and mildew growth. On both porous and non-porous high-touch surfaces, Protex90®will last for up to 90 days. In areas sealed inside drywall, the compound will protect you from mold and mildew growth for several years. The product is EPA registered, non-toxic, and water-based with no harmful chemicals or substances! You’ll enjoy improved air quality, better health, and a safer environment along with the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected.



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